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The Art of Digital Marketing

Gone are the days, when most of the marketing happened offline – today, it’s the era of digital marketing. Focused on things such as content and social media marketing, digital marketing is all about expanding your reach, building better customer relationships and, ultimately, transforming your fan base into a customer base.

Even though digital marketing specialists rely on technology and data-driven research, this type of marketing is an art on its own. See, what digital marketing does is tell a compelling story – a tale of a business or a company that pleases the mind, eyes and all other senses. A typical Internet user would read more than 100,000 words every day, as well as tons of pictures, videos, funny clips, graphics and any other content one might stumble upon, while browsing the web. A large portion of these would be ads.

digital marketingTo be able to process that information, the average user would have to skim through everything they find online, awarding each ad or piece of content with just a fraction of their attention. If you want to make a difference, you need to stand out. What Internet users – and people in general – look for is connection, someone, who can grab their attention with their compelling story and make them crave more.

Digital marketing is not only about SEO – though, search engine optimization is essential, if you want your viewers to be able to discover you. Once you’re found, however, you need to be able to make your visitors stay. This is achieved with the help of а wide range of tools, including high quality content, excellent graphics, captivating animations and much more.

So, what makes a company’s content great? Web content is as much as a form of art, as literature, or paintings, or even music. It needs to connect with the readers, hit a nerve and personify their core values. This means that your content needs to be personal and digital marketing attempts to create texts that are perceived as compelling and captivating by a large number of readers. Have you ever heard the saying “a great story should show, rather than tell”? It’s the same with content and digital marketing – to be successful, it needs to show how your product would benefit the average customer and this doesn’t mean listing its advantages. On the contrary, it’s about integrating these benefits as a part of a wider strategy, a story that works on a subconscious level. Combined with dynamic design and creativity, this is what will make your ad look personalized and make your audience hit the “read more” button.

In today’s digital era, consumers are flooded with information in all shapes and sizes. It’s no longer about being seen, but about presenting something new, revolutionary and compelling. This is what makes digital marketing such a creative discipline. Though marketers back their strategies with evidence-driven data and research, when it comes to the art of digital marketing, it’s all about being different – crafting a compelling, personalized story is what will make your ad pop and turn your visitors into eager customers.

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